Offer a Scholarship

Benefits to Your Department:
  • Increased national and regional exposure to your program via the Aspirations in Computing website
  • Demonstrate your commitment to gender parity
  • Excellent recruiting strategy
  • Opportunities to pitch your program at regional events
Areas to Consider When Defining Your Scholarship:
  • Eligibility - Is the award available for national and/or affiliate winners and/or runners-up? Can only a specific regional recipient apply?
  • Amount & Duration - Is the scholarship renewable?
  • Restrictions - What majors will you accept? Are there GPA or credit requirements?
  • Number of Scholarships Available - Is there a limit?
What if too many winners take us up on our offer and we don’t have enough scholarship money to fulfill the awards?
That would be a nice problem to have, but is very unlikely! If you think it may be an issue, you can limit the number of scholarships offered per year.
My Department wants to offer a scholarship. What is the next step for us?
Send us the following information at
  • Contact name and e-mail
  • Description of the scholarship
  • Department logo and website