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Josie is a Senior at Skyline High School, thriving in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program at her school. Josie is the leader of her school's special App Development Team, piloted last year, and is making apps for companies around the Longmont area. Her freshmen year she participated in a Genetic Algorithms case study and due to both the App Dev Team and Genetic Algorithms team she has received much recognition from the City of Longmont as well as the school board. Miss Lamp is equally involved in the arts, as she has been pirouetting since age two. She continues to express herself through dance by performing at a pre-professional studio, and is a member of the school dance team. Currently she is taking as many AP classes as physically possible and aspires to attend Stanford or Harvard University to pursue a career in Bioinformatics and Computational Science, and possibly Fashion Design or Web Design.

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