Northern California Award for Aspirations in Computing Celebration

March 15th, 2014 in Northern California marks a day when a group of girls honored by the National Center for Women & Information Technology became aware of the immense support they had from people in every area of the STEM field. At a ceremony held on the University of California, Davis, a group of talented and extremely fortunate young women got the chance to listen to stories from women who had become huge successes within science, math, engineering, and technology.  The support and encouragement from these future mentors was overwhelming; they provided living proof of the possibilities for the future.  Each girl got a chance to connect, or reconnect with the other awardees in the Northern California Community, making it incredibly easy to set up a network of support with people who share similar interests. 
Various speakers helped to give an overview of the vast possibilities of how technology can be used.  After hearing a short talk from Professor Raissa M. D’Souza, we became fascinated with all the ways in which technology can be of assistance for mapping and charting systems.  Any system from social media connections to website pages can be looked at analytically, and Professor D’Souza helped give us an insight into the way that’s possible.  Professor Harry H. Cheng, who also happens to be the C-STEM Center director, shared with us new ways to become involved with robotics and computing at the university.  Heidi Espindola, Program Manager at the C-STEM Center, also helped us realize how many opportunities we, as females interested in computing, have at our disposal.
It was a tremendous honor to be awarded by the National Center for Women & Information Technology.  The ceremony was small, but incredibly meaningful to those of us who have worked hard to be recognized in a male-dominated field.  I look forward to growing closer with my new NCWIT family in the future and hope that every other awardee feels the same way. 
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