Aspirations in Computing Award Recipients

Stuart Country Day School
Aana is currently a freshman at Princeton Univeristy. She has been captain and head programmer of her school's robotics team. For her Girl Scout Gold Project, Aana organized two free robotics summer camps for underprivileged children in Trenton. She has worked with Dr. Kelly Caylor at Princeton University to develop a UAV that can be used to monitor vegetation and take measurements in field experiments and a process to build 3D computer models based on the measurements. In addition, Aana enjoys playing piano and hosting her show at a local radio station. She plans to study engineering and artificial intelligence in college and hopes to one day start her own technology company.
Montgomery Blair High
Aanchal's interest in computing and technology burgeoned back when she entered the Math, Science, and Computer Science Magnet Program. Aanchal has interned at the National Institutes of Health for two years. She programmed in Python code, she mapped mitochondria sequences in mice and used statistical analysis to draw data from the mapped reads. Aanchal was also invited by the National Institute of Standards and Technology to give a talk on the advances of biometric technologies and their application in identity management. Aanchal plans to continue researching biometrics as it might have a greater use in fighting identity fraud in the future. Aanchal has been participating in the American Computer Science League for four years and has created a website Dollars for Daaras to raise funds for talibe children in Senegal. She will be attending Stanford University and hopes to continue...
Hathaway Brown School
Aarathi Sahadevan is currently a sophomore at Hathaway Brown, an all girls high school in Northeast Ohio. As a freshman, she decided to sign up for the Intro to Computer Science class that her school offered, and was instantly hooked. As a sophomore, she has pursued this newfound interest in computer science by signing up for the AP course offered at her school. Aarathi is also an avid member of her school's debate team, a reporter for the school newspaper, a pianist and a tennis player. Over the summer, she also had the opportunity to pursue her interests in science and engineering by working at a Biomedical Engineering lab at the nearby Case Western Reserve University. She is not sure what occupation she would like to pursue but knows that, in any case, her computer science skills will only contribute to her success.
Early College At Guilford
Aardra is very passionate about her ongoing research in computational chemistry in conjunction with Guilford College’s chemistry department. She looks at HIV antigen-antibody complexes using Visual Molecular Dynamics modeling software. Aardra has also been a part of her school’s FIRST Robotics Team 1533 for the past four years, serving as both the Strategy and Statistics Department Head and the Vice President/Outreach Coordinator. Her passion for STEM inspired her to learn programming languages such as Java and C++ independently. She is also proficient in using Autodesk 3ds Max animation and visualization software. In the summer of 2011, Aardra attended the Engineering Experience Program at MIT for computer science and developed applications for Android devices using Google App Inventor. She believes she can make a positive difference in the world through her involvement in research--...
Young Women's College Preparatory Academy
Aariyana is going into her junior year at Young Women's College Preparatory Academy. She is determined, dedicated, and willing to give 110% effort to reach her full potential. She participated in the ISEF/ISTS (Intel Intl Science & Engineering Fair/Intel Science Talent Search) and the National Honor Society.
Arroyo Grande High School
Abbie is a Mechanical Engineering major in the Smittcamp Family Honors College at California State University, Fresno, and hopes to pursue her interests in STEM fields as well as the arts. She is intrigued by her involvemnet in robotics, design, technical drafting, and animation, and has found her place in the technological world. Abbie hopes to continue to help get women involved in technology and computing, and to use her skills to educate and inspire others.
Muscle Shoals Center For Technology
For the last three years I have been involved in BEST Robotics, and it definitely changed my life. I've always had an interest in computers, robotics, and other things like that, yet BEST strengthened those interests. For two years I was the only female on my school's team, and the third year I was one of two, and obtained the title of President. In addition to BEST, I have always been apart of my school's technology program and have taken almost every class possible associated with computers and technology. This year I will be a completer in my school's drafting program, meaning that I have take three consecutive course in that subject area. My interest in automated design earned me a paid internship at one of the biggest aluminum companies in the country, Wise Alloys, LLC. Developing my interest in technology was one of the most rewarding things I've...
Oak Grove High (San Jose)
Abha has had a keen interest in the Computer Science field since she was a freshman in high school. She is currently working on a project that involves human detection in quadcoptors. She is currently on Oak Grove's Robotics team and she was captain as a sophomore. Her proudest accomplishment so far was winning 1st place in the Alliance matches for Botball's Global Conference for Educational Robotics(GCER) and she was won numerous awards at the Silicon Valley Synopsis Championship. She is also a full on band member who hopes to perform at Carnegie Hall when she is a senior, and she is hoping to go to Carnegie Mellon as an Electrical Engineering Major. She would like to thank her school and her family for giving her support because without them, she said, she would not have had the motivation she has right now to go forward in life.
Stuart Country Day School
Since I was a young girl, I have always been intrigued with mathematics, problem solving, computation, and technology in the medical field. I am very interested in learning how to model and simulate human biology, disease progression, and drug effects. I designed my curriculum in high school to be able to take rigorous courses in mathematics and computer science. I committed each summer to study classes in math and science fields in order to reach my goal. During my high school years, I have studied computer animation (Flash ActionScript) and I am currently taking AP Computer Science (JAVA programming) as an online class with the Online School for Girls. In addition, I have had the privilege to have an internship for a year as a microbiology research assistant at Princeton University where I conducted and analyzed experiments to study the development of the zebrafish heart and the...
Holy Names Academy
Abby has always had an interest in technology, but developed her passion for computing her junior year of high school. She took the AP Computer Science course and learned JAVA while being introduced to some of the many opportunities available for women in the tech industry. She spent the summer working as an intern at ADP Cobalt, which provides online marketing solutions to automotive dealers. She worked on a project redesigning websites for Lexus dealers. The internship was a fun and enlightening experience which deepened her passion for computing and inspired her to pursue a major in computer science in college. She is also a member of the National Honor Society, and the President of the Seattle chapter of the Maids of Athena, an organization committed to philanthropy, sisterhood and maintaining Hellenic culture. She enjoys volunteering at Camp Agape NW and Soulumination, which both...
Abigail is a current senior at Notre Dame Academy in Hingham, MA. Three years ago, a teacher suggested she attend a robotics meeting after school. So, she went, intimidated by what she thought she should know to even be interested in the club. She had no idea what FIRST robotics was or what a program in LabView was for that matter. From that day forward though, she gained a family of teammates and an astounding mentor, Mrs. Parry, who supported her to where she is today. As the lead Software Engineer for the team, Abby is in charge of working with her teammates on developing an efficient plan for each year's game. Working through lunch everyday at school and sometimes even taking the computer home, robotics is a part of her now. In order to improve the robot's performance, she took it upon herself to independently learn RobotC, which has been a huge success! Her involvement...
I'm currently a freshman at St. Mary's University, in San Antonio, Texas, majoring in Computer Engineering.
Northern Vance High
When Abria isn't making animations, videos, or editing photos, you can find Abria playing video games with her father, who inspired her to stay active in technology. Abria will be attending college at North Carolina State University starting this summer. She will be majoring in Animal Sciences and minoring in Game Design. She would like to find or start a group to do projects and work with animations and game designs.
Northside College Preparatory High School
Abril became involved with computer science her freshman year of high school after she enrolled in a Java and Media Computation course at her high school. She went on to take 4 more computer science courses, including AP Computer Science. Additionally, she is involved with FIRST Robotics and has competed both in the First Tech Challenge and the First Robotics Competition. In addition to FIRST, Abril is actively involved with Microsoft DigiGirlz and has been highlighted as a Microsoft Youthspark Star. Going into her junior year of high school, Abril was an intern on the technology team of the Obama 2012 campaign. This past summer, she interned at 8th Light, a software consulting company in Chicago. In her free time, Abril organizes Chicago Girls in Computing, a non-profit that she founded in April of 2013 to support high school girls in Chicago who are interested in computing. She is...
Booker T. Washington Senior High
With a dedication and drive that would not let her quit, Achliann pushed forward. She is currently attending Booker T. Washington SHS, but not for long as she's been accepted to one of Florida's top engineering programs at Florida International University where she plans on double majoring in Civil and Mechanical Engineering.
Durham Academy
Ever since her father gave Ada her first Lego RCX robotics kit, she has been hooked. Her love for robotics, programming, and computer software can be seen in the ways that she helps better her community in its awareness of technology. Ada has participated in many programs related to science, math, engineering, and technology at her school and at Duke University. Her fluency in many different programming languages has helped her in many projects, including one in which she rebuilt computers to give back to the community. In the future Ada hopes to attend MIT and study electrical engineering and computer science.
Concordia Lutheran High School
I am a sophomore at Concordia Lutheran High School. I am active in athletics, participating on the volleyball, basketball and softball teams. I am involved with other organizations such as Robotics, peer mentoring, youth group and teaching Sunday school. I have always found math and science concepts very interesting so I am excited about studying computers and technology.
John Burroughs School
Addison is a junior at John Burroughs High School in St. Louis. Addison's first interest in science began with biology, and her love of computer science began when she became involved with a psychology research laboratory at Washington University St. Louis, using new computer languages to develop experiments. Addison enjoys being a leader of her school's Spanish club and Future Business Leaders of America club, as well as participating in the Chemistry club and completing Exploravision Projects. When she's not on the computer, Addison engages in school debate, playing the flute, or dancing in her school's dance show, and hopes to continue her love of science by studying computer science or engineering in college.
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Francis Parker School
My name is Adeline Longstreth and I am a senior at Francis Parker School in San Diego, California. I am electrical lead on the FIRST Robotics Team 2485 W.A.R.Lords and I play three sports: cross country, basketball, and lacrosse. I first learned about computer science in fifth grade, when I had my first real computer class. My teacher made me memorize the names of search engines, browsers, and other concepts. I realized it was something I enjoyed, so in high school I took programming classes. I have taken Intro to Java, AP Computer Science, and am currently in Advanced Robotics Programming. I learned Python during the LEAD Computer Science Institute at Caltech. I was able to apply my programming skills to a recent research team project "The Food and Water Consciousness Project," where I used an arduino to create a soil moisture sensor and data would be captured on...
Warren Hills Reg High Sch
Adesola is currently a senior at Warren Hills Regional High School in Washington, NJ. The summer after her sophomore year, Adesola attended the LEAD Computer Science Institute at the California Institute of Technology. Among other projects during the program, she was able to recreate the game, Minesweeper. The program deepened her interest in computer science and expanded her skills pertaining to the Python programming language. Adesola is currently enrolled in the AP Computer Science class at her school and continues to participate in computer – related events and conferences. Adesola will pursue a concentration in Economics with a secondary field in Computer Science at Harvard University.
Bedford High School
Adriann's interest in computer engineering began her sophomore year in her high school's PC Service and Repair class. She quickly became familiar with the interworking of computer hardware and began using her skills for the repair of not only computers, but other electronics too. During Adriann's junior year, her passion for all things computer related deepened as she too courses in Database Programing and networking. She began a two year, Cisco Networking certification course through her high school. During her senior year, Adriann enrolled in Java, C++ and website technology courses through a Post Secondary Option program at Kent State University. Adriann is now on track to complete the her Cisco networking program in June of 2013 and obtain her Cisco Certified Entry Level Network Technician certification before graduation. Along with her Cisco certification, she is...
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Xavier College Preparatory (Arizona)
Adrienne is proficient in InDesign, Pagemaker, Photoshop, Movie Maker and SketchUp. She is involved in Engineering Projects in Community Service Club where she worked on the project of re-designing a classroom to be an engineering lab. She used SketchUp to not only design the engineering lab, but for many fun projects on the side as well. She also used her skills in InDesign and Pagemaker to work on the school yearbook. Another exciting project Adrienne worked on was piloting Google Chrome machines for the summer, analyzing the software that the school uses and investigating its compatibility with the new hardware. Her group found out a lot about software and hardware compatibility which she will be presenting at various technology conferences this year. Adrienne was also selected to be a youth ambassador to Japan through the Phoenix Sister Cities Youth Ambassador Program. There...
Brookwood High School (Georgia)
Aida is a senior at Brookwood High School. She believed that technology has always been a part of her everyday life, but it was her AP Computer Science class that brought about her ongoing interest in computing and technology. As Secretary of the Computer Science Club of the Future Business Leaders of America, her involvement has easily branched out further. In their meetings once a week, they work with Greenfoot and the HerSkit Performance Editor for programming PLEO robots. A fun fact about Aida is that one of her favorite past times is reading any and all genres. Her next step is to continue her computing education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with several more learning and research opportunities. She hopes to one day be able to study abroad.
Flour Bluff High School
Aila is a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin. She participated in the Freshman Research Initiative, a program that lets freshman perform real research. In her Computational Biology stream, she worked with Avida to replicate digital organisms and perform experiments. The summer of her freshman year she was a test engineering intern at Spiceworks in Austin, Texas. She is currently a POD mentor, where she teaches a group of 20-30 freshman computer science students about the university, college life, and computer science.
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Powell High School (Wyoming)
I am 16 years old and I want to be a veterinarian. I live on a farm and have a lot of animals. I have been involved with 4H and FFA for as long as I can remember. I also like to play soccer. Currently I play center-mid. I am currently taking my first robotics course at the high school and am loving it. I am the youngest of six kids and the aunt of eight nieces and nephews. I also play JV basketball and alternate varsity tennis player.