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The Virginia & Washington DC Community is proud to host the Award for Aspirations in Computing in Virginia & Washington DC. Award recipients will be selected for their aptitude and interest in IT and computing, solid leadership ability, good academic history, and plans for post-secondary education.

We encourage women in grades 9-12 to apply.

The VA/DC Celebration of NCWIT Aspiration Winners will be held on Saturday, March 15 2014 at Virginia Commonwealth University starting at 11:15. The Awards presentation will occur at 1:30. The address is:
Engineering West Hall Lobby
601 West Main Street
Richmond, VA

Please contact with any questions about the Virginia & Washington DC community.


Mary Lou Soffa
University of Virginia

Committee Members:

Libby G. Bradford
Virginia Tech

Jim Cohoon
University of Virginia

Felicia Doswell
Norfolk State University

Nancy Lea Harris
James Madison University

Giti Javidi
Virginia State University

Barbara Ryder
Virginia Tech

Kamaljeet Sanghera
George Mason University

Kelly Shaw
University of Richmond


  • Recipients of the NCWIT National or Virginia/DC Affiliate Award for Aspirations in Computing will receive a $1,000 scholarship if they choose to major in Computer Science at Virginia Tech.

    In order to be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must enroll at Virginia Tech and declare a CS major within a year of enrolling at VT. This scholarship will be available for students in their sophomore year and is renewable for up to three years. 


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